Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Please Help Us to Improve Our Blog!

Is Thai language on our Blog messed up?
I think Yes!, because we made our blog bassed on google translate. Help us To Improve our blog!

You understand English? Help Us translate a few sentences into thailand correct language. Your assistance meant for the sustainability of this blog.

Please Just Translate This! (Below text)
You can Reply in Comment Post below or Send your translated text to masjindul@gmail.com

You can download EXAMPLE Trainer free from my blog. Trainer is a program that allows us to modify or to cheat values in a Games, for example, the value of Money, Health, speeds, blood, bullets and others. This software works by changing the value of an address on games like cheat Engine but automatically. This is why anti-virus sometimes told that the software is a virus. This is an often mistake because the software only change the value of the address that we want. Different from the real virus that also change the value of an address but to cause a malfunction of an application.

screenshot: Software Image

You can download this software by clicking the link below we have provided.
File Name          : example.zip
File size              : 256 Mb
Link Download  : http://example.com (Clcik Here to Download)

note: If there are any broken links you can inform us through the contact form note: If there are any broken links you can inform us via the contact form so that can be repaired as soon as possible.

unlocker is a file or program that can Open or add new additional features of a game such as new missions, new characters, new maps, new Items and others. there are some terms such as DLC (Downloadable Content) and other Unlocker.
I will not explain any further about the unlocker. Here you can download EXAMPLE Unlocker free. Just click link Below: